The Intel Experience Activation

Intel® partnered with X Studios to create a fully immersive experience showcased around 50 retail locations across the United States. The state of the art multitouch table features kinetic sensors using proprietary Intel technology. X Studios created a real-time 3D experience that allows guests to approach a DJ music table full of interactive gear.


What is it like to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans? The interactive exhibit immerses the user into a DJ world of live performance. Users start by playing electronic dance music at a party, advance to a music club scene while complimentary gear appears on the touch table. Finally, users advance to an outdoor concert with a crowd simulation of 10,000 3D characters reacting to your performance. The technology includes gesture-controlled lasers, pyrotechnics, live camera of you performing, and more virtual gear expanding your toolset.


Finally the experience includes a personalized concert poster that users can share via social networks.

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