// A Look Back

Our Story

When X Studios came to fruition, being a ‘design and development studio’ was our core focus.

The digital landscape was different then – as we continue to grow year after year as a company, we remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Now, in our company headquarters in Winter Park, Florida we have a dedicated Fabrication Lab, Maker Lab, and Activation Lab, have expanded our services to include interactives, gaming, mobile & platform design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and experiential & custom fabrication

NERF® Guns, Table Tennis and Tequila

We've got all three at the office – but that's not what defines us.

Our focus remains crafting cutting-edge experiences each and every time, while having a little fun along the way. We are a small team and do not hide it, as we believe it’s one of our biggest strengths. The success of our company does not rely on large head counts, it relies on talent.

While you won’t find a photo collage of our team making silly poses, or partying at the office, we believe in a team centric focus. The name on front of the jersey is much more important than the one on the back. That said, upon request, we’d be happy to provide team bios and even include a list of our favorite movies, quotes, and personal social media accounts.

// What Sets Us Apart

Our Client Commitment

No matter how big or small, you can count on us to remain consistent with our deliverables. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve learned countless lessons, and key areas to improve. Therefore, all projects come with our X Studios™ Commitment below, every time –


The constant Fortune 500 experience has given us a 50,000 foot view of what works and what doesn’t. Extensive exposure to demanding projects have allowed us to refine techniques that maximize productivity, creativity, timelines and execution. There is no guesswork – we know exactly how to execute our client’s projects, every time.


From a transparent pricing model for all services, to a flexible workflow that lets us act like an extension of your internal team, we lay it all on the table. Call us old fashioned, but we think it is important for our clients to know exactly what it is that they are paying for. Packaged pricing is great…for agencies, not clients. Every project is broken down into hourly estimates, with key milestones, and a live grid of our team’s progress/activity. We’re always an e-mail, call, or text away if you need us; throughout your entire project.

Lifetime Warranty

Many companies speak about providing quality, but few completely quantify what that means. A nice looking portfolio can only show visual quality, but what about development and programming quality? While rare in the industry, we confidently offer support on all work performed –

If any defects, bugs, or unintended functional issues arise after deployment, we will fix them at no cost.

We are proud to also supply industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for customer-facing projects that require superior up time, and remote support. Contact us today to get more information on all of our support services.

// Enough about Us...

Let's talk about you.

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