Our world is ever changing and growing, and we remain on the cutting edge, actually the bleeding edge of technology. Pushing experiences further everyday, and having a ‘dream team’ that can come up with ways to tell stories, and craft ideas like never before.

Our focus remains crafting cutting-edge experiences each and every time, while having a little fun along the way. We are a small team and do not hide it, as we believe it’s one of our biggest strengths.

The success of our company does not rely on large head counts, it relies on talent. We believe in a team centric focus. The name on front of the jersey is much more important than the one on the back. Think you’re down for the challenge? We’d love to have you.

// Working at X Studios™

Team Perks

We have worked incredibly hard to make X Studios™ an encompassing, fun, and challenging place to work. Expect to wear many hats here, and constantly grow personally and professionally. We’re thrilled to take great care of our X Studios™ team with these killer perks…


We don’t micro-manage. Work from home, in your pajamas, whenever your schedule permits. Come to Campus only for in-person Client Meetings, to test the latest technology, or see your project come to life.

Time Off

Work hard. Play Hard. All new employees get competitive 3 weeks paid time off (PTO) + holidays.

Team Lunch Wednesday's

The days of hanging out at the water cooler are over (although we have one next to the Studio Bar), we ‘order in’ every Wednesday for Team Lunch to take a break from work, and spend time together.

Referral Bonuses

Refer your friend/old co-workers to work with us and get a cool, cool, $750 bonus. Each and every time.

Health Insurance

Competitive Medical and Dental Plans.

Flex-Start Scheduling

Go with the flow, and come in a bit late if you stay late.

LastPass••• Premium

You heard that right, you’ll get LastPass••• Personal for free as part of X Studios™ Enterprise account.

Overtime Bonus

We push ourselves to always deliver the best projects for our partnerships. Sometimes that means working crazy hours, coming in on weekends, and pushing yourself for that final deadline. Therefore, we celebrate your hard work with time and a half (or vacation hours) for any time worked over 40 hours a week – and yes, this applies to our Salaried positions AND Hourly.

Online HR Hub

We may be small, but we empower our team. Access your employee account 24/7 from our Self Service Portal (or mobile app) to request time off, see who’s out of office, update direct deposit, and more.

First Tuesday's Team Lunch

The beginning of the month is celebrated with Team Lunch (yes, another one) every first Tuesday of the month. We typically go out for lunch together and car pool together.

Monthly Outings

Enjoy monthly team outings and get togethers to celebrate our latest projects, successes, and lessons learned!

Performance Bonuses

Great work and commitment should always be rewarded

Open Door Policy

Our office doors are made of glass for a reason. Stop by, anytime, if you need something from our Management Team.

// Office, Fabrication Lab, Maker Lab, Lounge, Arcades & Bar... Oh My!

Our Campus

In 2019 we moved from our humble offices in Maitland, to a beautiful classically modern facility in Winter Park, that we completely gutted and remodeled.

Now with more space than ever before, our offices (we call it our “campus”) is a dual-story, dual-building beast, and we think you’re going to love it.

Office Suite

The bread and butter, our 11,000+ sq. ft. Office Suite is the second level of our building. Up there you’ll find all of our office space, conference room, Maker Lab, Lounge, Kitchen, Break Room/Arcades and Bar.

Lounge & Bar

Work hard, play hard. Take a break in our spacious break area, take a call in ‘The Lounge’, or play an epic game in our two arcade consoles. We have a full kitchen set-up if you need a snack, plenty of snacks for the taking, all-you-can-drink Red Bull®, take a quick tequila shot to celebrate a team win, or peruse our killer hot sauce selection next to the beers in the fridge.

The Maker Lab

Tinker with it. Our Maker Lab is packed with every tool, and gadget you could need. If you can dream it up, you can make it in the lab. From sketch to 3-D Print, simulation, proof of concept, and more.

Fabrication Studio

Downstairs we have our on-site Fabrication Studio. Our Fab Designers actually made all of the custom desks for our offices, and conference rooms, and are skillful as our ‘swiss army knife’ to create anything we dream up.

Activation Lab

In our second building is our Activation Lab. Here we mock-up, test, and adjust our work. Invite your Clients to come take a peek, beautifully frame up your kiosks, interactive, or projection. This is your playground to make your hard work pay off.

// A look behind the curtain...

Take a Peek

Interested to know what you’re getting in to? We don’t blame you.

We’re incredibly transparent with our Clients and our team. Take a peek at our official X Studios™ Team Handbook, which is available online, public-facing for anyone (including our team, 24/7).

// Ready to make the jump?

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