Red Bull: THE EDGE Matterhorn VR

X Studios teamed up with the Red Bull team to build and develop a truly immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience highlighting the life and death experience of climbing the infamous Matterhorn mountain. 


Combining creative storytelling, enveloping scenic work, and Virtual Reality (VR) + 4-D technology, visitors start in the famous Solve Haute at the base of Matterhorn, and begin their climb, surviving fierce wind, and a rock slide, until they reach the summit.


X Studios built the entire next-generation climbing wall experience, including the picturesque summit where champions of the climb can snap a commemorative photo of their once in a lifetime experience, then download the photo after disembarking the experience.

  • Strategy

    Conceptual Design, Software Engineering, Installation, Visitor Management System, Operational Controls

  • Design

    Full Scenic Design, 4-D Elements, Safety Systems, Electrical & Fall Protection, Interactive Storytelling

  • Client

    Red Bull®