Estée Lauder Hologram

By using a combination of Vikuiti Rear Projection Film and LED UST projectors, the technology is capable of creating a holographic effect that can be adjusted in a variety of sizes and shapes. By projecting onto the specialized film, the media could be made to look like a 3D version of a product and/or performance.


Estée Lauder asked X Studios to produce holographic stations for the global launch of their new flagship product. The stations are interactive by integrating an IR camera at the bottom of the station which can read when someone approaches the unit. The product bottle reacts to the customers positions as they approach it, creating a ‘wow’ factor.

  • Strategy

    Projection, Augmented Reality Design, Custom Fabrication

  • Design

    Conceptual Design, Fabrication, 3D Animation & Effects, Software Engineering, System Design, Integration

  • Client

    Estée Lauder